When facts conflict with faith

By Dave Henning / November 8, 2022

“I encourage you to never let the facts get in the way of your faith.  Don’t deny the facts — facts are facts — but just know that faith is never limited to facts alone.  Facts always involve what you see.  Faith always involves what you don’t see.  Many problems arise when facts conflict with faith.  This is where you reach a danger point in your beliefs.”- Dr. Tony Evans

“And by faith Sarah, who was past childbearing age, was enabled to bear children because she considered him faithful who had made the promise.”- Hebrews 11:11 (NIV)

In Chapter 6 (“Sarah, a Woman Who Waited Well for God’s Promise”) of Kingdom Heroes, Dr. Tony Evans notes that people often fail to maximize the gift of God’s power.  Instead, they choose to visit it and retain their old way of operating.  Consequently, Dr. Evans stresses, what you believe determines what you receive.  But not in a name it-claim it sense.

Therefore, when God promised Abraham and Sarah a son, they took into note their advanced years.  As a result, God’s promise of a son simply failed to fit the facts of their lives.  Furthermore, they reasoned, God’s promise wasn’t practical and certainly didn’t match reality.

However, when an extended amount of time elapsed with no sign of promise fulfillment, Sarah decided to help God.  Hence, Dr. Evans offers these words of counsel:

‘The tendency to want to usher in God’s promises in our own lives lies in all of us.  As a result, we go outside of God in order to help Him. . . .  Here’s when you know you’re not operating in faith.  When you’re using human reason to manipulate a situation.  When you’re going outside of God’s will to try to accomplish His will.”

In conclusion, Dr. Evans cautions, anytime we involve the flesh, we invite fleshly emotions into the scenario.  We introduce negative emotions such as rage, envy, and pride.  Above all, turning to the flesh in order to help God out delays His promises for our life.

Today’s question: What Bible verses stay the course when facts conflict with faith?  Please share.

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