Kingdom Heroes: Building a Strong Faith. . .

Kingdom Heroes: Building a Strong Faith . . .

Harvest House published Dr. Tony Evans’ book Kingdom Heroes: Building a Strong Faith That Endures in 2021.  Dr. Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Fellowship in Dallas, Texas.  To live as a kingdom hero, Dr. Evans stresses, you need endurance based on your faith.  In addition, the author describes faith as a lifestyle to embrace, not a concept to visit.  Thus, exercising faith takes God’s involvement in your life from a theory in your mind to reality in your life.  Above all, people who truly believe the truth of God’s Word do so even when they dislike the truth God’s telling.  And we need to trust God fully, moving on what He says – not how we feel.

Consequently, Dr. Evans notes, you need to walk with God where He’s going.  Instead of inviting God to walk with you where you’re headed.  Because God wants a relationship with you – full custody, not visitation rights on weekends.  For anyone or anything outside of God’s guidance fails to take you toward the destination God has in mind.  Furthermore, to walk by faith means you complete all God tells you to do, not just some of it.  Hence, kingdom heroes must quiet all competing voices in order to hear from God, even if they once enjoyed them.  Also, Dr. Evans sees waiting well as one of the greatest disciplines in the kingdom hero’s toolbox of faith.

Most significantly, when you trust God’s heart, you don’t need to understand His hand.  Certainly, never let facts get in the way of your faith.  And maximize the power of God available to you, rather than simply paying a visit to that power while you retain your old way of operating.  Because God can raise you up and strengthen you to complete great works for him.  There’s no end in sight if you commit yourself to God’s kingdom plan and serve His as a kingdom hero.  God has your back, even when it’s against a wall.  Therefore, as kingdom heroes we need to stop rehashing our fears and obey God in faith.

In conclusion, Dr. Evans underscores, every serious kingdom follower reaches the point where they choose Christ or choose the crowd.  Thus, if we persist in viewing life through the lens of the world’s perspective, we’ll never get God to flip things in our lives.  Satan wants to keep you from living by faith so that you stay stuck where you stand.  So take heart and remain steadfast to the end.  Finally, Dr. Evans exhorts kingdom heroes to:

“Listen for His voice.  Set your gaze on His grace.  Piggyback on His love, His confidence, and His assurance that He knows the plan for you. . . .  Jesus will give you the ability . . . to rise higher and soar further than you ever thought possible. . . .  Don’t ever discount your contribution to the kingdom of God.  You are a kingdom hero when you fully live out your purpose and destiny in Christ.”

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