Help is Here: Finding Fresh Strength . . .

Help is Here: Finding Fresh Strength . . .

Max Lucado titles his latest book Help is Here: Finding Fresh Strength and Purpose in the Power of the Holy Spirit (Thomas Nelson, 2022).  Currently, Max serves as Teaching Minister of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas.  Most significantly, Pastor Lucado asserts, it’s not God’s will that you lead a lifeless life.  Hence, the Holy Spirit leads with a kind touch, woos with a whisper.  Yet, the Holy Spirit comes with power.  Jesus promised this in His day.  And Jesus still promises that today!  So, help is here.  In addition, God wants us to be fresher day by day, hour by hour.  Therefore, Pastor Lucado sees the overarching ministry of the Holy Spirit as teaching us about Jesus.  Thus, the Spirit makes the words of Jesus relevant – so stay in mindful communication with Him.

God empowers us to be what He calls us to be.  As a result, we possess the Spirit’s wind, His unseen and fresh power, within us.  Because we can’t fulfill our mission on our own.  God entrusts our raw appeals of sadness, fear, and dread into the care of the Holy Spirit.  Also, the Spirit curates and translates our wordless prayers.  In addition, the Spirit serves as your advocate, especially in moments when you have nothing going for you.  What you pray in the night is heard in the light of your Father’s throne.  Adoption by the Father and sealing by the Holy Spirit provides security, power in assurance.  So, like Paul and Silas, trust in your Deliverer, even when you feel unsure of deliverance.  Take a deep breath and relax – help is here through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Above all, to know the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God, His voice must outrank the voices of society.  Consequently, Pastor Lucado exhorts, start listening for the Spirit, who speaks on God’s behalf.  Go first for the verse, then go next for the voice.  For God designed us to be blessed by the Holy Spirit and with fire.  Therefore, the soul baptized in the Holy Spirit = the soul ablaze.  Welcome the Holy Spirit’s help – He purifies, refines, energizes, and protects.  God pours out on you the power-providing, heart-healing oil of the Holy Spirit.  Certainly, this anointing changes everything – so lean into Him.  And leave oily footprints wherever you go.

In conclusion, Pastor Lucado declares this promise of Pentecost: the Spirit turns common people into uncommon forces.  And always remember by whose authority you do this work.  Invite the Spirit into the dry, dead patches of your life.  Help is here – welcome the Spirit!  Finally, Max closes with these words:

“Are you weary?  Inhale him.  Is stress mounting?  Inhale him.  Does fear threated to suck you out to sea?  Take a deep breath of life.  Little by little, one breath after the other.  Soon, before you know it, you will have inhaled Life into your life.”

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