Wounded healers – our calling

By Dave Henning / February 5, 2023

“In his wounds, Jesus shows himself to be one who identifies — even in a resurrected state — with humanity.  Additionally, the wounds Jesus carries speak powerfully to his followers.  We are called to be wounded healers, but the first part of our calling requires us to be present to the wounds we have carried.”- Rich Villodas

Rich Villodas concludes Chapter 3 of Good and Beautiful and Kind with thoughts on Jesus’ wounds.  Pastor Villodas finds great solace that Jesus bore His old, though surely resurrected, wounds on His risen body.  In addition, Rich believes this teaches us three lessons.

1.  Our wounds don’t have the last word.  In the wounds and trauma marking our bodies and minds, Jesus offers great hope to those who cling to Him.  Hope that our wounds don’t function as the controlling narratives of our lives.

Because we’re part of a larger, more beautiful story.  A story where something greater than pain lies at the center of our existence.  The healing power of God’s love.

2.  Since Jesus carries the wounds on His body, we need not carry the shame of our trauma.  Christ makes it possible to redemptively reconfigure our wounds.  Certainly, that doesn’t foster an amnesia whereby we forget the trauma.  Instead, we remember the trauma in a different way.

3.  Each one of us have been or will be wounded in some way.  As a result, this awareness deepens our commitment to serving as the healing presence of God in a wounded and wounding world.  Above all, we need wise boundaries to help us discern who we allow to lead us.  The people we place in positions of power.

In conclusion, the author exhorts, Christ transforms our wounds from marks of shame to signs of grace.  However, Rich counsels:

“Making this happen takes more than intellectually assenting to this truth.  It requires a new way of living, a reordering of our lives, a new set of practices. . . .  Amid fracturing relationships, fraying societies, and tempestuous inner lives, we can and must find a way to live wholly — to become daily a bit more good and beautiful and kind.”

Today’s question: How has God called you to be one of His wounded healers?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Thoughts and prayers?”

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