Presence is sacrifice

By Dave Henning / May 16, 2023

“Presence is love because presence is sacrifice.  When you show up somewhere, you’ve paid for it with your time. . . .  Our connection to Jesus operates in the same way.  If you want a life that feels connected to God and grounded in Christ, you’re going to have to show up.  And showing up is going to cost you something.”- Alli Patterson

In Chapter 2 (“Show Up”) of How to Stay Standing, Alli Patterson stresses that you need a regular time and place to establish the strength your relationship with Jesus really needs.  Certainly, Alli agrees, it’s good to talk to Jesus on the go.  However, she observes, that approach fails to get you down to a foundation of rock.  Because to stand with Jesus, you need regular connection.

Therefore, Alli exhorts:

“Come to Jesus.  Show up to be with him because he knows all things, because he can reveal the heart of God to you, because he wants to deal with your burdens.  In him all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge that you need are hidden, but it takes some time, some quiet, and some intentionality to dig them up.”

In addition, Ally notes, whatever time and place you pick, think seasonally.  Your choice doesn’t have to be forever.  Also, the author cautions, don’t make the mistake of thinking it will be easy to keep this time.  Since there will likely be a cost, you must fight for this time.  But, Alli encourages, pay the cost.  Whatever it is.  If necessary, ask God for the help you need to pay that cost.  For what you receive in return will be worth so much more.

In conclusion, Alli explains why she says to think seasonally:

“There are seasons when you have to be creative or only have the possibility of an on-the-go connection with Jesus.  These short seasons are exactly why you need a regular time and place right now. . . .  Showing up now means your relationship will be ready for the brief times when you just can’t.”

Today’s question: Do you agree with Alli that presence is love because presence is sacrifice?  Please share.

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