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By Dave Henning / May 26, 2023

“To turn up the volume on the Word of God, you need a plan.  You’re not going to accidentally hear more of the Bible in your everyday life.  Everything important to you has some sort of plan that goes with it. . . .  If there was one thing my [marathon] training taught me, it’s that faithfulness to your plan over time gets you to the finish line.”- Alli Patterson

“Listen and hear my voice; pay attention to what I say.”- Isaiah 28:23 (NIV)

In Chapter 6 (“Have a Plan”) of How to Stay Standing, Alli Patterson compares our relationship with Jesus through his Word to marathon training.  Jesus, your Shepherd, knows your pace and when to push you.  Also, He goes before you and leads you one mile at a time.

Therefore, Alli exhorts, your job involves running your training plan faithfully.  Above all, stay near Jesus.  So that you hear His voice.  Hence, Alli offers these words of encouragement:

“It’s [Jesus’s] pleasure and his job to lead you.  It’s your job to stay near the sound of his voice.  That’s where your plan comes in.  Jesus is not always going the direction you might feel or think.  He is not always going the way you’d choose.  His vision and understanding are far beyond yours. . . .  What I want to know is a real and living God, whose Word shows me the way to life every single day.  In my real life!”

In conclusion, the author underscores, the Holy Spirit teaches you about the words Jesus spoke.  He aligns them with God’s plan for your life.  And the Spirit helps you bring the Word of God to mind when you’re out there running the course.  Living your life.

With the Holy Spirit, God’s Word is alive in us.  Even when we aren’t sitting with a Bible in our hands.  But reading and listening to God’s Word = the start of hearing His voice on a regular basis.

Today’s question: What plan do you follow to turn up the volume on the Word of God?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Practice = action + obedience”

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