Resourcing – noursishing ourselves

By Dave Henning / June 18, 2023

“Resourcing is nourishing ourselves; it’s equipping, but in the most paradoxical way: not with pain, but with goodness.  In the marathon of life, if our brains and nervous systems are compassionately resourced, we become more resilient as we process pain.”- Aundi Kolber

“Resourcing isn’t dessert; it’s the meal.”- Aundi Kolber

In Chapter 6 (“Strength with Goodness”) of Strong Like Water, Aundi Kolber stresses our need to tap into resources of goodness.  Because, Aundi underscores, we must learn to fight to see, as well as to hold tight to, goodness.  Learning to connect to goodness forms part of what actually allows us to heal.

Therefore, Aundi stresses, resourcing is:

  • not an indulgence.
  • not “a nice thing to do if I can get to it”; a “Sure, I’ll stop and appreciate the flowers if I have time.”
  • the work!

Furthermore, Aundi compares our resources to Bubble Wrap.  Because those resources wrap around all the fragile pieces and help hold us together.  Thus, when we intentionally cultivate glimmers of goodness and experiences of safety in our body, it’s not a waste of time or a denial or reality.  For those glimmers of life help us find a way through.

Also, since a glimmer cues safety, calm, or regulation in our nervous system, it’s the opposite of what is often called a trigger.  A glimmer helps us connect with a sense of our felt safety, allowing us to step back into the window of tolerance.  And, Aundi stresses, glimmer literally speaks to lighting up that vital part of ourselves that makes us human.

In conclusion, Aundi invites us to consider Philippians 4:8.  To think about whatever is right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy.  The author adds:

“This verse is a powerful example of modeling both glimmers and resourcing for believers.  It’s vital we remember we have a God who can hold and honor both our lament and our joy. . . .  This verse itself offers a resource of what it might look like to allow our brains to be shaped by goodness, built on the ultimate resource: God with us.” (emphasis author’s)

Today’s question: What resources help you to nourish yourself?  Please share.

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