Right response – because you say so

By Dave Henning / September 17, 2023

“There are four words I want you to remember.  Considering some of the emotions that show up when our way isn’t working, I want us to keep in mind that the only right response is, ‘Because you say so.’  Remember that emotions are always trying to move us somewhere, but Peter’s response to Jesus is what moves him more than the way he’s feeling at the moment.”- Kyle Idleman

But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”- Luke 5:5 (NIV)

Kyle Idleman continues Chapter 2 of When Your Way Isn’t Working as he observes that when we work hard but fail to achieve the desired results, we want people to encourage us.  To say we gave it our best or that we deserve an A for effort.  Above all, we want to believe that their statements ring true.

However, Pastor Idleman counsels, only one right response exists when your way isn’t working.  Because you say so.  Yet, after a night of futile fishing, Kyle states, Peter didn’t feel like doing what Jesus told him to do.  Because Peter doubted that what Jesus asked of him would (a) change the situation or (b) produce something different.

Especially since Jesus told Peter to go back out to deep water.  In the heat of the day!  In addition, Kyle quips, no fishing book lists Jesus’ command as a best practice.  But Peter gives the only right response.  Above all, Pastor Idleman adds:

“Saying ‘because you say so’ is difficult, especially when it’s different from what you want to do or what you think will work.  It requires something none of us do very naturally.  It requires humble submission.

So perhaps it fails to make sense to you, or you’ve tried again and again.  Maybe you don’t thing something’s going to work – or you simply don’t feel like doing it.  The only right response?  Because you say so!

Today’s question: What Bible verses encourage you to give the right response to Jesus?  Please share.

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