His mercy restrains His truth

By Dave Henning / November 12, 2023

“Because of God’s mercy, He does not reveal all that is true about us all at once.  His mercy restrains His truth, rationing our revelation since its fullness would crush us. . . .  God, in His love, does not instantly tell us everything that is true about us.  He sees more than He says.  Mercy guides both His speech and His silence.”- Alicia Britt Chole

In Chapter 47 (“A Muscular Mercy”) of The Night is Normal, Alicia Britt Chole talks about the seventh tool involving the community of faith.

7.  When disillusioned with God’s people, speak to heal, not to harm.  Most significantly, Dr. Chole counsels, speaking is not always the commission of seeing.  Hence, at times God entrusts us with insight so we can pray and show mercy.  Rather than confront and correct.

However, when God gives us permission to speak, Dr. Chole offers four principles to guide us.

First, before speaking, ask yourself why you feel the need to speak.  Above all, be honest before God about what’s motivating your desire to speak.  Consequently, that allows you to pause enough to get in step with His desires.

Second, when God gives you the green light to speak, minimize drama.  Maximize respect.  In addition, listen to learn, not to gather ammunition.  Finally, respect others as God’s workmanship.

Third, do not clothe your correction in humor.  Because using humor as a hint might convey avoidance or manipulation.  Furthermore, using humor in this manner more often damages trust than actually instructs.

Fourth, limit your circle of advisers and sympathizers.  That enables your words to heal rather than harm.  And use caution in regard to whom you invite into your offense.  Therefore, Dr. Chole exhorts, seek counsel from emotionally mature souls.  As a result, Dr. Chole explains:

“Search for generous listeners who can hear without getting huffy, empathize without being paralyzed, and still be objective enough to help you consider how things might look from the other side.”

Today’s question: How does the principle that His mercy restrains His truth play out in your life?  Please share.

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