Reminiscent experiences: re-create?

By Dave Henning / December 11, 2023

“The devil condemningly tries to pull us into our past because he’s terrified of what God has prepared for our future.  God lovingly brings us back to our past so He can propel us into our future. . . .  Our Enemy loves to re-created reminiscent experiences to trigger and traumatize us.  And it works — until God brings truth and healing to our souls.”- Susie Larson

In Chapter 1 (“God Walks Through Walls”) of Closer Than Your Next Breath, Susie Larson observes that nerves that fire together wire together.  Therefore, deep emotional experiences leave an imprint within us at the cellular and neurological level.

However, Susie stresses, God made our souls for restoration.  Above all, one moment in God’s presence does more for us that we could do over a lifetime for ourselves.  One word of God’s revelation, insight, or direction = all we need.

Hence, Susie exhorts:

“Our loving Father often takes us back to certain parts of our stories — never leaving our sides for a moment – before He propels us forward into our next place of promise.  We may not always feel His nearness, but He’s intimately involved with every nuance of our lives.  He helps us to re-story our story.  He gives us new experiences and redemptive perspectives.  His presence changes everything”

Thus, Susie wonders how the apostle Peter felt in the days that followed the night he denied Jesus three times.  The next time Peter warmed himself near a charcoal fire, did he replay his failure?

Yet, the author points out, brain scientists often take note of Jesus’ purposeful intention of building a charcoal fire on the beach when He once again appeared to Peter.  Because Jesus knew that Peter’s memory of Gethsemane would haunt him forever.  As a result, Jesus provided Peter with a God encounter.  Jesus launched a new experience around a charcoal fire.

Hence, Peter’s fresh encounter with Jesus eclipsed his anguish and epic failure.  One that revived and restored Peter’s faith.  And God has such planned meetings in mind for you as well!

Today’s question: What Bible verses help you thwart Satan’s efforts to re-create your reminiscent experiences?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “A passive bone in Jesus’ body?”

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