Authentic acceptance

By Dave Henning / January 11, 2024

“Every single person desperately craves authentic acceptance — someone to see through our exterior to the good, bad, and ugly inside, and accept and love us in spite of what they see.  We may be blessed to get that from some significant people in our lives, but the first person we need to look to is God.”- Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram concludes Chapter 3 of Discover Your True Self with this observation.  That as long as you are acting, people never see your true self.  And since people fail to see your true self, your true self receives no love.  Therefore, Chip concludes, virtually all of us have never been fully seen for who we are.  Certainly, we’ve received affirmation.  But that fails to equate to receiving love.

While others may praise us for the image we project, deep down we know such praise isn’t directed at the true person inside.  Hence, even when people profess love for us, that love never penetrates deep into our hearts.  Because others don’t know who we really are.

As a result, Pastor Ingram encourages:

“The most beautiful, liberating thing that can happen to us is to realize that God made us the way we are for a reason and we have no need to be anything or anyone else.  We are free to say no to the lies.  When we do, we grow into our unique selves and become very attractive simply for who we are.  That’s God’s design for us.”

In conclusion, Chip returns to the story of his friend David.  Although things ended bitterly for David’s sister, something happened to David at the youth group he attended on Saturdays.  Before joining the group, David never opened a Bible.  However, as he entered a relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, the lies started to fade.

Consequently, David’s witness serves as a beautiful story.  Because David not only learned how to identify the lies, he overcame those lies with the truth.

Today’s question: What Christian friends offer you authentic acceptance?  Please share.

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