Radical transformations

By Dave Henning / January 13, 2024

“Radical transformations take time and require an intentional, systematic process.  This is a journey for all of us, an ongoing, replenishing process of identifying the lies, calling them what they are, and replacing them with the truth. . . .  Mental assent is just the beginning; we change when the truth affects us emotionally and works its way out in our words and actions.  Over time, our new identity feels like a perfect fit.”- Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram concludes Chapter 4 of Discover Your True Self as he stresses that when you progressively take on your new identity in Christ, you begin to embrace this message.  That your true self in Christ is free and valuable.  In addition, you learn to walk in extreme gratitude toward God and gain confidence in His purposes for your life.

However, Chip observes, many people voice emotional objections to this truth.  Even though they accept it theologically.  Certainly, Pastor Ingram acknowledges, all these objections come from real feelings and authentic experiences.  Yet, the author stresses, they are not the ultimate truth.  Hence, they fail to trump God’s truth about your identity.

Therefore, Chip exhorts:

“But what defines you?  Is it all those experiences or the truth that God declares above them?  God’s opinion of you is reality.  If you want to know your true self, you must anchor yourself in His Word (emphasis author’s).”

In conclusion, Pastor Ingram underscores, God redeemed you:

  • first and foremost because He infinitely valued you.
  • to grant you the unspeakable privilege of serving as Jesus’ agent of blessing in your everyday world, 24/7.
  • so that every day presents opportunities for you to reflect Jesus so everyone else sees Him in real life.
  • so that Jesus’ life, lived out through you, provides hope for others.

Consequently, see any sense of unworthiness or purposelessness as a lie.  Through your redemption, God made you worthy.  Above all, He gave you the eternal purpose of reflecting His nature and demonstrating His love.

Today’s question: What most helps develop patience as we progress through radical transformations?  Please share.

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