Our champion of salvation

By Dave Henning / March 9, 2024

“Through death [Jesus] broke its power . . . How did he do this?  He did so as ‘our champion.’ “- Timothy Keller

“[God] made the champion of their salvation perfect through what he suffered.”- Hebrews 2:10 (Pastor Keller’s translation)

Timothy Keller moves on in Chapter 8 of Making Sense of God as he talks about two reasons why we fear death.  Almost by definition, Pastor Keller states, real love wants to last and never wants to part from those we love.  In addition, death strips us of everything that makes life meaningful.

Secondly, Timothy observes, the death-is-nothing approach assumes that nothing exists after death.  No existence or consciousness.  However, that cannot be proven.  Hence, to be certain nothing exists after death requires a leap of faith.  As the poet John Dryden once wrote: “Death itself is nothing; but we fear to be we know not what, we know not where.”

Or, a man dying of cancer once offered this astute comment to Pastor Keller about his secular friends.  The man wryly remarked:

“[My secular friends] mock people for betting their lives on the existence of God by sheer faith, but then they bet the ranch that afterwards there will be nothing, no judgment, nada.  How can they be so sure?”

But, on the other hand, Christian hope explains why we feel death is so unnatural.  Furthermore, Christian hope gives us the ability to face as well as triumph over death.

So, when Jesus arrived at the tomb of His friend Lazarus (John 11), He wept with grief.  And also snorted with anger.  Because Jesus was furious at sin and death for ruining the creation and the people He loved.

In conclusion, since Jesus paid for our sins on the cross and rose again, believers in Christ are no longer enslaved to the fear of death.  Thus, our physical death only serves as an entryway to eternal life with Him.

Today’s question: What does it mean to you that Jesus is our champion of salvation?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Concrete fact – the Resurrection”

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