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By Dave Henning / March 13, 2024

“What if you are only one revelation away from a new kind of joy that transcends your circumstances?  As we’ll discover, life through Jesus’ eyes isn’t a mere pleasantry — it is a gateway to power over the darkness.  Miracles happen when we see as Jesus does.”- Alan Wright

Alan Wright concludes his Introduction to Seeing as Jesus Sees as he counsels that Satan, from the beginning, sought to blind us spiritually.  Hence, the Enemy uses anything available to deceive us and distort our view.  Therefore, when we pray, Jesus, how do you see this?, we admit that sin has marred our vision.  Our own sin and the sins of others.

In addition, when we practice praying, Jesus, how do you see this?, we lean in to connect with Him and see as He sees.  Above all, Pastor Wright notes, walking side by side with Jesus serves as the best way to learn to see as Jesus sees.

Furthermore, Alan believes, spiritual unveilings follow a path similar to the experience of the Emmaus Road disciples.  Thus, we learn to:

  1. pause in the midst of life’s worries.  When life comes at us fast and hard, we need a spiritual tool that helps us pause, at least for the moment.  This helps us along the path to new spiritual eyes.
  2. connect to Christ spiritually, attuning our hearts to His.   As the author and finisher of our faith, we address our breath prayer to Jesus.  Through the process we become Christ-centered and invoke the power of His redemptive work.
  3. look in the direction Christ looks, to see as He sees, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Savior. This thrilling inward pivot poises the eyes of our hearts to be enlightened.

Finally, Alan cautions:

“Practicing this powerful little [breath] prayer . . . by no means replaces the classic spiritual disciplines like intercession, worship, meditation, fellowship, and Bible study.  But this single new spiritual practice of asking Jesus for His eyes causes us to slow down, link our hearts to Christ’s, and expect revelation from God.”

Today’s question: What most helps you see life through Jesus’ eyes?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “A transaction with God?”

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