Authentic hope or self-absorption

By Dave Henning / April 3, 2024

“Pausing reminds us of our humanity and puts us in touch with our need for Jesus, our need for better vision. . . .  To pause but not connect to Christ leads to self-absorption rather than authentic hope.  Likewise, to try to see as Jesus does without attaching to Him is futile.”- Alan Wright

Alan Wright continues in Chapter 13 of Seeing as Jesus Sees as he stresses that pausing makes us more honest.  Consequently, Jesus didn’t hurry the Emmaus disciples into celebration.  Because Jesus found it essential for the two disciples to own and admit their disappointments.  Like the Emmaus disciples, we all possess a long “hoped for” list.

Yet, it’s tempting for us to deny our feelings.  As a result, we like to believe we have the power to dissolve anger or fear by sweeping them under the rug.  Or we mask our pain with distractions, things, or substances.  But, Pastor Wright advises, pausing:

  • keeps us from thinking there’s a shortcut to glory.
  • reminds us of our humanity.
  • puts us in touch with our need for Jesus, our need for better vision.

Therefore, Alan explains:

“When we pause and speak to Jesus, asking what He sees, we are welcoming a moment of connection with Him.  We’re saying to Him and reminding ourselves, In this moment, I care preeminently about you.  Your feelings and perspective are what matters to me. . . .  From our first cry to our final breath, we crave attachment because we were made for it.”

Hence, Pastor Wright exhorts, pause throughout the day to ask Jesus how He sees your circumstance at that moment. In doing so, you’re telling Jesus He means more to you than anything.  In addition, you give yourself the space and Jesus the permission to attach.

Finally, Alan finds it remarkable that Jesus desired fellowship with the Emmaus disciples on Easter afternoon.  Because we’d probably have chosen to rush to make a speech to the Pharisees in Jerusalem.  Or gloat in the face of those who crucified Jesus.

Today’s question: What Bible verses sustain authentic hope within you?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Repositioning ourselves”

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