Knot theory- hold up to the light

By Dave Henning / April 15, 2024

“There is an entire field of mathematical study devoted to the study of knots.  It’s called, well, ‘knot theory.’ . . .  By simply studying a knot . . . [smart people] could identify certain characteristics that would ensure that a few simple steps could be used to undo the knot. . . .  They studied the knot . . . by holding it up to the light.  The light in this metaphor is Jesus; it’s the Word of God, it’s ultimate truth.”- Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen concludes Chapter 2 of Untangle Your Emotions with the observation that our emotions serve to connect us to God, others, and ourselves.  However, that image presents a stark contrast with how most people describe their emotional inner lives.  Above all, this jumble of confusion tangles us up in knots.

Yet, we desire to connect our feelings to God in order to work them out.  Certainly, we try to connect deeply with people, but everything feels like a mess.  A mess created when we refuse to take the time to work out the kinks in our connections between our loved ones, God, and ourselves.

Most significantly, the author states, we’re talking about:

  • emotion submitted to the will of God and the truth of God’s word.
  • using feelings for the purposes God intended — for our emotions to connect us to each other and to God.

Consequently, Jennifer exhorts:

“When we start healing, we begin to experience emotions how they’re meant to be experienced.  Then what happens?  We start to regulate.  It’s a counseling term, but it’s a spiritual word.  It’s what happens to our bodies.  God built our nervous systems.

I know we’re all coming at this topic from different places.  But hear me loud and clear . . . we are all feelers.  We may express it in a million different ways or try to hold it in with a few techniques, but we all feel.  God built us to feel.”

Today’s question: How do you apply knot theory to your life?  Please share.

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