The chaotic knots in our souls

By Dave Henning / May 6, 2024

Faith isn’t summoned, it grows.  It grows because of a relationship, not your willpower. . . .   A relationship with God — it changes everything.  He untangles the chaotic knots in our souls — but probably not in the way we expected. . . .  He untangles the knots through seasons of tears and raw honesty and running again and again back to Him . . . because He cares for us.  He wants all of us.”- Jennifer Allen

In Chapter 12 (“What to Do with What You Feel”) of Untangle Your Emotions, Jennifer Allen stresses that our emotions inevitably affect the rest of our life.  Despite our best efforts to keep them in a box on the shelf.  Because we try to convince ourselves that we can compartmentalize things to avoid dealing with the messy stuff.  Emotions affect everything.

Therefore, once we notice what we feel, actually feel it, and share it, we come to a pivotal point in the process.  We must decide what to do with that feeling.  Above all, Jennifer boldly underscores: Even if you think you aren’t doing anything with your feeling, you are.

Whether you choose to stuff your emotions or let them run wild, you’ve made a decision.  Intentionally or not.  But, Jennifer exhorts, you possess another option.  You can:

  • feel the emotions.
  • share them with the people you love.
  • let those emotions draw you closer to the God who wants to carry your burdens.

Most significantly, choosing to engage this process leads to wholeheartedness, connection, and the kind of life God built for us and wants for us.

However, the author cautions, the worst thing someone can do is toss out a Bible verse like a lifeline.  And you can’t figure out why that verse fails to work for you. As if all you need consists of that lifeline Bible verse to calm your crazy heart and banish fear.

For faith grows through your relationship with Jesus.  Sheer willpower fails to summon faith.

Today’s question: What Bible verses untangle the chaotic knots in our souls?  please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Emotionally hit a wall”

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