Emotionally hit a wall

By Dave Henning / May 7, 2024

“Many times we emotionally hit a wall because . . . our bodies are broken and they just don’t function how we wish they could.  Because it is all so broken.  But the Bible issues hope for the brokenness. . . .  God isn’t afraid of the brokenness, and we shouldn’t be either.  He has a plan to set us free.”- Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen concludes Chapter 12 of Untangle Your Emotions with the astute observation that we don’t keep secrets.  Rather, secrets keep us.  As a result, Jennifer asks, are you ready to live free?

Yet, the author states, freedom always costs us something.  For example, freedom costs us our control — because we turn everything over to God.  Freedom also costs us our unhealthy addictions.  Although we think those addictions serves as sources of comfort, they actually bind us and blind us.

Hence, Jesus offers the hope of Himself — salvation, forgiveness.  However, we need to honestly express where we are as well as our desperate need for God.  Therefore, at times the truth that sets you free consists of telling God and others the truth about the state of your heart.  Because God’s word sets free the parts of us that need it. Consequently, we must tell the truth about where we are struggling.

In conclusion, relates, she’s started seeing herself as the pastor of her own soul.  Instead of waiting for someone out there to fix her or heal her.  Someone out there to make things right.

For God’s laid out both a plan and the means to accomplish it.  Through Jesus and all He did, we possess hope and healing.  In addition, because of the Holy Spirit, we have the power to change and love and engage and make new decisions.

So, Jennifer’s learned to ask two questions to help her make sense of the knots in her soul.  These two questions invite Jesus in, sometimes hour by hour:

  1. God, what do you want me to know?
  2. God, what do you want me to do?

Today’s question: What Bible verses help when you emotionally hit a wall?  Please share.

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