The sure foundation and cornerstone

My wife Vicki and I with the five fabulous Beaucerons of Tempete de Hope (breeders Bruce and Betty Johnson).

“Christ is made the sure foundation, / Christ, our head and cornerstone, / Chosen of the Lord and precious, / Binding all the Church in one; / Holy Zion’s help forever / And our confidence alone.”- Lutheran Service Book 909, verse 1

“So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone.”- Ephesians 2:19-20 (ESV)

Muscular, rugged, and large, a Beauceron (Bo-si-ron) stands as high as 27.5 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 70-110 pounds.  In addition, the breed’s dark, black coat features handsome squirrel-red accents, including the red feet.  Giving Beaucerons their French nickname: Bas Rouge – red stockings.

Highly intelligent, strong, and dedicated to their owners, well-trained and socialized Beaucerons serve as levelheaded watchdogs and guardians.  Faithful, gentle, and obedient, Beaucerons need lots of exercise.  Furthermore, the breed responds well to consistent training and handling.  Rather than physical correction.

However, the AKC advises novice owners to consider other breeds.  Because such owners might end up getting owned by a dominant dog.  Think of a Beauceron as possessing a Border Collie’s brain in a 100-pound body.  Finally, many American breeders, like Bruce and Betty Johnson of Sterling, IL, follow the French Naming Convention for registering puppies.  Thus, in 2024, names must begin with the letter “V.”

In Chapter 4 (“The Preposition That Will Change Your Life”) of A Trip Around the Sun (2015), coauthors Mark Batterson and Dick Foth discuss the importance of the preposition with.  Because, Pastor Foth stresses, the idea of coming alongside and working with people — as opposed to speaking at them — changes everything.  Even more than that, Jesus, the sure foundation, calls us to be with Him.  An entirely different paradigm that speaking at someone.  Consequently, think of with as a two-way street.

Therefore, Good News embedded in us, as opposed to spouting an occasional cliche, carries monumental implications.  Above all, Pastor Foth quips, never think of with in terms of an add-on.  So, with is not:

  • “coffee with cream”
  • “Do you want fries with that?”

As Christ followers, we > me.  Thinking of me, myself, and I makes for a miserable life.  Most significantly, Pastor Batterson notes, with represents a God word, not just a relational word. For God Himself is we — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  And Jesus, the sure foundation, invites us to participate in the Great Commission (key = co).  God’s with us, in us, and for us.  To the close of the age. As a result, Mark exhorts, stake your life on the word with.  Hence, when your world seems to be turning upside down, Pastor Batterson emphasizes, you only need to know two things.  That God is with you and that God is for you.

In conclusion, Mark offers these words of encouragement and hope in God, our sure foundation.  Mark writes:

“The heavenly Father . . . is our foxhole friend.  He is the One who rushes in when everyone else runs away.  He is the One who shows up in our lives when we need Him most and reminds us that He will never leave us or forsake us.  If God is with us, we can make it through anything.  If God is for us, it doesn’t matter who comes against us.  Without Him, we can do nothing.  With Him, we can do all things.

When we let God turn me into we, it is more than a paradigm shift; it is a life-changing phenomenon.  It is the inflection point where a good adventure becomes a God adventure.”

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