Slower still – invitation, gift

By Dave Henning / June 6, 2024

Slower still is the invitation . . . when what we have cannot stretch over what we perceive is needed.  Slower still is not the consolation prize for those without faith that God will heal, increase, or change our circumstances.  It is a gift. . . .  Slower still can become the words we use to lead us before our bodies do.”- Sara Hagerty

In Chapter 9 (“Slower Still: Embracing the Fence Line”) of The Gift of Limitations, Sara Hagerty observes that many of us run through the warning signals from our bodies.  Until our legs tell us no more.  However, Sara suggests that we look kindly upon our bodies.  Rather than scolding ourselves for ignoring the signs.  Because our bodies tell us what our hearts and minds fail to receive.

Therefore, Sara counsels:

“My body is a gift.  It talks to me even when I’ve silenced my heart.  I resent it when my body slows me, but the God who was also man wore the same frame and didn’t. . . .  Our bodies tell us stories when we let them, especially if we’re unwilling to notice our hearts.  Sometimes that story from God is simple: slower still.

Most significantly, Sara notes, God often works using our skin as the fence line.  He speaks with action more than words to people unable to calculate the cost of their pace.  Thus, when we cannot pare back, God takes control.  Like schoolchildren, Sara acknowledges, sometimes we need someone to tell us when it’s time for recess and time for reading.

In conclusion, Sara cites J. J. Packer, who states that it’s stupendously difficult to make prayer your life priority.  Especially in a world that runs you off your feet and absolutely refuses to let you slow down.

Consequently, slower still:

  • comes to us in the form of things we might otherwise see as fences.
  • can become the words we use to lead us before our bodies do.

Today’s question: Do you find it hard to view slowing down as an invitation and a gift from God?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Look small and live small”

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