His Word encircles my thoughts

By Dave Henning / June 11, 2024

“This is adoration: the nexus of my vulnerable thoughts, exposed by His Word, where His Word doesn’t just teach my thoughts but encircles them.  This engagement with the Word is not flashy or grandiose, but it can penetrate the soul in the way His Word is intended to do if we let it.”- Sara Hagerty

Sara Hagerty concludes Chapter 10 of The Gift of Limitations with the observation that we treat our capacity as finite.  But we need to consider the six thousand thoughts that occupy our lives — our minutes and our seconds.  Consequently, our capacity involves more that the hours we work with on any given day.

Yet, Sara asserts, on many days our minds drive us.  Without our agreement or even our awareness.  Mostly unthinkingly, we assess situations, male decisions, and field news.  Except, we’re always thinking.  Therefore, our sense of overwhelm may come from within our thoughts.  Rather than our circumstances.

Above all, Sara counsels, if we fail to examine our interior lives, we merely redecorate a house that’s burning to the ground.  So, in summary, your mind:

  • drives your day.
  • defines your capacity.
  • defines how you live within the fence line.

Hence, as part of the ‘come, die, grieve, live’ cycle, we renew our minds.  And the more we renew our minds, the more our capacity grows.

In conclusion, Sara links faith and trust:

“We want to trust God, we yearn for trust, but we reach for it like searching for a light switch in the dark.  We keep reaching, fumbling, pounding the wall.  And yet I often wonder whether growing in trust is much simpler than we think: walk the path He has given us, like toddlers, unashamed of our need for reassurance and to be held. . . .

We need much more of God than our adult selves tell us.  And that touch is both His Spirit and His Word.  We need His Word in our minds to be neatly angled toward truth.”

Today’s question:  How does God’s Word encircle your thoughts?  Please share.

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