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His Word encircles my thoughts

By Dave Henning / June 11, 2024

“This is adoration: the nexus of my vulnerable thoughts, exposed by His Word, where His Word doesn’t just teach my thoughts but encircles them.  This engagement with the Word is not flashy or grandiose, but it can penetrate the soul in the way His Word is intended to do if we let it.”- Sara Hagerty […]


The best sermon, book, or podcast

By Dave Henning / June 10, 2024

“Even the best sermon, book, or podcast is not enough to give us what we need for the days ahead, not even enough to buoy us for more than a few weeks or days.  His Word, however, can change us.  It can change how we see the fence line.  It can reach into us, disrupt […]


From the didactic to the personal

By Dave Henning / June 9, 2024

“If we talk to God through His Word and from our pain over our limitations, the Word moves from the didactic, which can shift the mind for a bit but rarely changes the heart, to the personal. . . .  This interchange. . . often . . . starts very small . . . with […]


Murky thoughts and questions

By Dave Henning / June 8, 2024

“I don’t come as a student, bright-eyed to learn with sharpened number-two pencils and a clean page.  I come full.  Filled up with murky thoughts and questions about life and my heart, and sometimes even numbness — full of numbness.  But this is what I bring: me.  I bring myself to the Word and to […]


Look small and live small

By Dave Henning / June 7, 2024

“We look small and live small and seek to move slowly not for its own sake but as an attempt to let our humanity boundary us.  And from that place — that small, boundaried place — comes grandeur.”- Sara Hagerty “And my God will supply every need of yours, according to his riches in glory […]


Slower still – invitation, gift

By Dave Henning / June 6, 2024

“Slower still is the invitation . . . when what we have cannot stretch over what we perceive is needed.  Slower still is not the consolation prize for those without faith that God will heal, increase, or change our circumstances.  It is a gift. . . .  Slower still can become the words we use […]


A gentle process of excavating

By Dave Henning / June 5, 2024

“Paying attention to what He cares about — the inner workings of our hearts — is a gentle process of excavating.  We can’t know the anxieties and fears to bring to God unless we first notice them.  He understands the intricacies of our hearts, but we have to first notice them before we can ask […]


Hover around the circumstances

By Dave Henning / June 4, 2024

“We hover around the circumstances that highlight our limitations, mostly unaware of why they make us so anxious, often calling them warfare or merely circumstances, or acting as if they’re bad luck, and yet underneath them is what God wants to show us, to tend to with us.  Underneath them we crave connection.”- Sara Hagerty […]


An undercurrent of peace

By Dave Henning / June 3, 2024

“Surely there is sin and strife and nailbiting and chocolate-binging and snapping at those we love, but what would an undercurrent of peace with our lot . . . feel and look like?  Try it on.  This is the invitation of the other side of relinquishing our tightfisted grip on the limitless life we envision.  […]


Watchfulness – full of wonder

By Dave Henning / June 2, 2024

“We push part [purposed limits] to find what we’re craving, but God can develop in us a much smaller push for more significant things, a push that starts with our eyes.  Watchfulness.  It enables us to enter His story. . . .  Watchfulness — on the back end of the cycle of loss, grief, and […]


Bright and strong and beautiful

By Dave Henning / June 1, 2024

“There are also all sorts of things in our own spiritual life, where a thing has to be killed, and broken, in order that it may then become bright and strong and beautiful.”- C. S. Lewis, God in the Dock “The LORD is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot.  The lines […]


The sigh of life = surrender

By Dave Henning / May 31, 2024

“Surrender is the sigh of life.  It’s the moment . . . when the Holy Spirit overshadows and you’re able to say, ‘Not my will, but yours, Lord.’ . . .  The simplicity of letting go . . . is one of the most complicated parts of our walk with God.  Surrender is fiercely powerful […]

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