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Life – simply what you make it?

By Dave Henning / February 16, 2024

“Life isn’t simply what you make it.  Often it is what it is.  We are not fully free to impose our meanings on life.  Rather, we must honor life by discovering a meaning that fits with the world as it is.”- Timothy Keller In Chapter 3 (“A Meaning That Suffering Can’t Take from You”) of […]


Dogmatism, truth, skepticism

By Dave Henning / February 15, 2024

“We have an incapacity for proving anything, which no amount of dogmatism can overcome.  We [also] have an idea of truth which no amount of skepticism can overcome.”- Blaise Pascal, Pensee 406 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the […]


The supreme love of your heart

By Dave Henning / February 14, 2024

“Christianity, then saw the battle for human virtue as no longer one of head versus heart (becoming more rational), nor mind over matter (getting more technical mastery over the world).  The battle was over where to direct the supreme love of your heart.  Will it be toward God and your neighbor, no matter who that […]


Doubt belief A = accept belief B

By Dave Henning / February 13, 2024

“You can’t doubt belief A except on the basis of some belief B you are believing instead at the moment.  So, for example, you cannot say, ‘No one can know enough to be certain about God and religion,’ without assuming that you know enough about the nature of religious knowledge to be certain about that […]


“From religion to secularism”

By Dave Henning / February 12, 2024

“To move from religion to secularism is not so much a loss of faith as a shift into a new set of beliefs and into a new community of faith, one that draws lines between orthodoxy and heresy in different places. . . .  Many secular people . . . assume that belief is mainly […]


The persistence of faith

By Dave Henning / February 11, 2024

“Many ask: Why do people feel they need religion?  Perhaps now we see that the way this question is phrased doesn’t explain the persistence of faith.  People believe in God not merely because they feel some emotional need, but because it makes sense of what they see and experience.”- Timothy Keller “To most humans curiosity […]


Arbiter of metaphysics: science?

By Dave Henning / February 10, 2024

“To make science the arbiter of metaphysics is to banish not only God from the world, but also love, hate, meaning. . . .  I returned to the central values of Christianity — sacrifice, redemption, forgiveness — because I found them so compelling.”- Paul Kalanithi, When Breath Becomes Air As Timothy Keller moves on in […]


Background beliefs re: Christianity

By Dave Henning / February 9, 2024

“Many of the background beliefs that our culture presses on us about Christianity . . . are not presented to us explicitly by argument.  Rather, they are absorbed through the stories and themes of entertainment and social media.  They are assumed to be simply ‘the way things are.’ “- Timothy Keller Timothy Keller concludes his […]


Comprehensive framework = faith

By Dave Henning / February 8, 2024

“Even if you are not a secular person, the secular age may ‘thin out’ (secularize) faith until it is seen as simply one more choice in life — along with job, recreation, hobbies, politics — rather than as the comprehensive framework that determines all life choices.”- Timothy Kelker In his Preface (“The Faith of the […]


Discover Your True Self

By Dave Henning / February 7, 2024

Discover Your True Self Chip Ingram wrote Discover Your True Self: Silence the Lies of Your Past and Actually Experience Who God Says You Are (Zondervan) in 2020.  Currently, Chip serves as teaching pastor and CEO of Living on the Edge.  Chip structures this book around six lies that become strongholds for many people.  In […]


Leaning into God’s calling

By Dave Henning / February 6, 2024

“God’s calling is so big, so amazing, and so magnificently awesome that just leaning into it and experiencing it will radically change the course of our lives.”- Chip Ingram “I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell […]


Pull down strongholds

By Dave Henning / February 5, 2024

“The early Church transformed a fractured and violent world, because people with radical differences began to grasp in their heads and hearts what it meant to be in this new family.  Like the early Church, we must pull down strongholds and replace them with truth.”- Chip Ingram “This mystery is that through the gospel the […]

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