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Disconnecting from how we really feel

By Dave Henning / May 6, 2020

“Disconnecting from how we really feel in the moment and trying to push back our emotions works at first.  But like a buoy in the sea, those emotions bound back up and wreak havoc in our heart.  Compulsively, we bury the pain.”- Meredith McDaniel “He that lacks time to mourn, lacks time to mend.”- Sir […]


A cluster of emotions

By Dave Henning / July 9, 2016

Although we normally think of anger as an emotion, it is in reality a cluster of emotions involving the body, the mind, and the will.”- Gary Chapman Gary Chapman opens Chapter 1 (“Where Does Anger Come From?”) of Anger by observing that people of all ages and social classes experience anger. First of all, Mr. […]

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