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Your own experiences with beauty

By Dave Henning / September 30, 2022

“Think of one of your own experiences with beauty.  Perhaps it was a profound and new experience . . . that left you speechless; or maybe it’s the memory of a quiet moment spent taking in the simple charms of life.  We can all think of such moments, and not only for nostalgia, though that […]


God speaks to us through beauty

By Dave Henning / September 18, 2022

“God speaks to us through beauty.  But in order to hear the words, we must slow down and listen through our hearts.”- Timothy D. Willard In his Introduction (“A Note for the Curious”) to The Beauty Chasers: Recapturing the Wonder of the Divine, Timothy D. Willard stresses that it’s possible for beauty to change you.  […]


Such a gentle grace = beauty

By Dave Henning / August 6, 2020

“Beauty is such a gentle grace.  Like God, it rarely shouts, rarely intrudes.  Rather it woos, soothes, invites; it romances and caresses.  We often sigh in the presence of beauty as it begins to minister to us — a good, deep soul-sigh.”- John Eldredge John Eldredge concludes Chapter 3 of Get Your Life Back as […]


The mysterious beauty of hiddenness

By Dave Henning / October 22, 2017

“And that’s where the mysterious beauty of hiddenness comes in.  We who live most of our days in and around the people of this world don’t naturally hide ourselves in God. . . . We respond instead to the looks and applause and the direction of others around us.  Thus, He hides us.  And masterfully.”- […]

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