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Don’t accumulate possessions, but experiences

By Dave Henning / February 8, 2020

“Don’t accumulate possessions, accumulate experiences!  More specifically, accumulate the kind of experience that can only come from following in the footsteps of Jesus.”- Mark Batterson (emphasis author’s) “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion and through us you generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”- 2 […]


False advertising

By Dave Henning / December 3, 2015

In Chapter 4 (“Authentic to Be Accepted”) of The End of Me, Kyle Idleman observes that no one like it when someone advertises one thing and delivers something entirely different- whether that is a business or an individual.  Businesses with false advertising claims are one thing, but when we apply this standard to ourselves, however, […]

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