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With little choice on our part

By Dave Henning / December 31, 2020

“The reality is, most of our daily interactions . . . have been brought into our lives with little choice on our part.  Each of these can be regarded as callings, people for whom Christ died whose lives have been woven into ours.  It is precisely because most of the relationships we have are not […]


Our strivings to be like God

By Dave Henning / December 30, 2020

“Sometimes our strivings to ‘be like God’ can become self-made super-works that we subconsciously employ to pay off our sins.  The trap is that there’s just as much sin in the spiritual stuff as the earthly stuff — just ask anyone who’s ever worked . . . in the church.  Often this leads to greater […]


Callings not static – come with blessings, burdens

By Dave Henning / December 19, 2020

“Callings are not static.  And each of them comes with blessings and burdens — things we love and celebrate about them and things that make them challenging and difficult. . . .  God is at work through us in important but sometimes hidden ways.  The Christian recognizes this, celebrates it, and seeks God’s Spirit for […]

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