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The Imposter Syndrome – even pros have it

By Dave Henning / July 22, 2020

“Imposter syndrome is when you feel like you have no right to be associated with the craft you’re practicing or the level of success you’ve achieved.  It’s when you sit in a boardroom, waiting for the boss to arrive and fix everything, and you realize you’re the boss.”- Jennifer Fulwiler Jennifer Fulwiler concludes Chapter 15 […]


Constructive criticism – there’s a place

By Dave Henning / March 1, 2020

“Jesus’ teaching did not preclude the place of constructive criticism.  He simply urged us to follow the proper sequence. . . .  There is a time to speak up.  Before you do, check your motives.  The goal is to help, never to hurt.  Look at yourself before you look down on others.  Rather than put […]

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