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Partial miracles – praise God!

By Dave Henning / July 27, 2023

“When you praise God for partial miracles, you are prophesying your praise!  Gratitude is praising God after He does the miracle.  Faith is praising God before He does.  It’s like a downpayment on a miracle.  Thank God before it happens, then see what happens!  That thanks might just have a domino effect.”- Mark Batterson “Let […]


Virtuous cycle or vicious cycle?

By Dave Henning / February 17, 2022

“Jesus identified common cues that tempt us and test us and tick us off.  Then He interrupted the pattern in ingenious ways.  In a dog-eat-dog world, the Sermon on the Mount calls us to live counterculturally.  Jesus stopped the vicious cycle and replaced it with the virtuous cycle.”- Mark Batterson “You have heard that it […]


A cascade of grace

By Dave Henning / November 25, 2016

“And these acts of kindness, gifts of grace, they start a cascade of grace to fill a multitude of canyons in a hurting world.”- Ann Voskamp “Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back — given back with bonus and blessing.  Giving, not getting, is the way.”- John 6:38 […]


Faith isn’t linear

By Dave Henning / October 23, 2016

“Faith isn’t linear  Faith is exponential.”- Mark Batterson Mark Batterson begins Chapter 16 (“Chain Reactions”) of Chase the Lion by citing a research study on domino chain reaction.  Published in 1983 by Lorne Whitehead, the unique significance of the study lays in the discovery that a domino possesses the capability of knocking over a domino […]

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