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Seize opportunities to serve

By Dave Henning / April 24, 2019

“Christianity was never intended to be a noun.  And when we turn it into a noun, it becomes a turnoff.  Christianity was always intended to be a verb.  We’ve got to act on God ideas. . . .  Obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  We’ve got to seize opportunities to serve.”- Mark Batterson In […]


Examining your work life

By Dave Henning / October 12, 2015

In Chapter 4 (“From Restless to Fulfilled: Refining Your Working World”) of Simplify, Bill Hybels reminds us that we spend roughly one-third of our adult life at work.  We will have one of two experiences on the job: (a) work will add significant levels of fulfillment and joy to life or (b) it will create […]

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