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In fellowship with the Father

By Dave Henning / February 5, 2019

“Jesus . . . says our relationship with God hinges on our relationship with other people — the two are inseparable . . . . The truth is, you cannot resolve your differences with God if you’re unwilling to resolve you differences with other people around you.  You cannot be in fellowship with the Father […]


The image of God – sometimes difficult to discern

By Dave Henning / October 9, 2018

“The image of God is sometimes difficult to discern.  But do not think for a moment that God has rescinded his promise or altered his plan.  He still creates people in his image to bear his likeness and reflect his glory.”- Max Lucado “We . . . are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing […]


Day in, day out accountability

By Dave Henning / February 15, 2017

“No believer can afford to be without consistent, day in, day out accountability to other believers.”- Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth Nancy DeMoss concludes Chapter 6 of Holiness as she discusses the final four means God uses to draw us to Him. 3.  Communion.  Nancy stresses that Holy Communion provides “a regular opportunity and powerful incentive for […]


The fellowship of the broken

By Dave Henning / December 30, 2016

“The fellowship of the broken believe that suffering is a gift He entrusts to us and He can be trusted to make this suffering into a gift.”- Ann Voskamp Ann Voskamp concludes Chapter 18 of The Broken Way by noting we tend to shrink back from the razor edge of broken things.  However, Ms. Voskamp […]


Intimate fellowship with God

By Dave Henning / May 2, 2015

Today Charles Stanley concludes his discussion of four aspects of waiting on God, found in Chapter 1 of Waiting on God. 2.  You are not just waiting around, doing nothing.  While we are waiting on God, we should continue to serve Him and carry out our daily business.  Even when circumstances don’t appear to be […]

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