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Always go upstream = habit cycles

By Dave Henning / April 7, 2022

“Here’s another [mantra]: ‘Always go upstream.’  When it comes to habit cycles, you have to swim upstream.  It’s solving the problem before it happens.”- Mark Batterson “When you spend years responding to problems, you can sometimes overlook the fact that you could be preventing them.”- Dan Heath “The water from upstream stopped flowing.  It piled […]


Life themes strike a chord at your core

By Dave Henning / April 2, 2021

” ‘Every person is composed of a few themes,’ observed C. S. Lewis.  Those life themes reveal themselves in a variety of ways.  . . .  More often than not, it’s something out of the ordinary.  One way or the other, something happens that strikes a chord at the core of your being. . . […]

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