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Only hope out of heartache

By Dave Henning / January 8, 2023

“God can handle your anger, disappointment, even bitterness.  But walking away from Jesus is forsaking your only hope out of heartache.”- John Eldredge “But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all things . . .  and to stand before the Son of Man.”- Luke 21:36 (ESV) In Chapter […]


Through every heartache to home

By Dave Henning / June 28, 2022

“Redemption is never the end but a means to the ultimate end: Adoption.  Attachment.  Salvation by God is ultimately for attachment to God.  Everything on the way, or in the way, is making a way to be soul-attached to the One who is the Way, who can do nothing less than carry you through every […]


Heartache and shattered dreams

By Dave Henning / November 20, 2015

In Chapter 2 of The End of Me, Kyle Idleman takes a closer look at the context for the Sermon on the Mount, noting the word Matthew uses for crowd really means “a large group of unidentified people.”  Over Kyle’s years as a public speaker, he has learned something about large groups of unidentified people: […]

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