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A little Saul in each of us – let God do the work

By Dave Henning / October 5, 2020

“I think there is a little Saul in each of us.  Part of us wants God to defeat the enemy while we sit under a pomegranate tree on the outskirts of Gibeah.  We want God to do something for us without having to do anything for God.  But if we don’t do anything, nothing will […]


Tentative when it comes to the will of God?

By Dave Henning / October 4, 2020

“Most of us are far too tentative when it comes to the will of God.  We let our fears dictate our decisions.  We are so afraid of making the wrong decision that we make no decision.  And what we fail to realize is that indecision is a decision.  And it is our indecision, not our […]

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