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Throwing a party with a purpose

By Dave Henning / April 25, 2022

“Throwing a party might be one of the most natural things a Christ-follower can do.  It might be one of the most spiritual things a Christ-follower can do. . . .  What kind of party?  A party with a purpose.  A party that points people to Jesus. . . . that brings joy to people […]


Your Levi = your opposite you

By Dave Henning / March 10, 2020

“Your Levi is your ‘opposite you.’  ‘Opposite yous’ can drain your joy bank.  There is a tension, an awkwardness.  Anger — low grade or high flame — can flare.  Inability to manage the relationship can lead to isolation, prejudice, and bigotry.”- Max Lucado “Later, as Jesus left the town, he saw a tax collector named […]

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