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Listening well – experiencing grace

By Dave Henning / February 19, 2023

“Listening well is a refusal to allow self-righteousness to distort our interactions.  It’s a willingness to open ourselves up to blind spots, knowing that we stand in need of grace every single day. . . .  Experiencing grace requires our walls to come down.”- Rich Villodas Rich Villodas concludes Chapter 7 of Good and Beautiful […]


His body – known to misbehave

By Dave Henning / August 29, 2019

“We — together — are his body.  But his (Christ’s) body has been known to misbehave.  The brain discounts the heart. (Academics discount worshippers.)  The hands criticize the knees. (People of action criticize people of prayer.)  The eyes refuse to partner with the feet. (Visionary thinkers won’t work with steady laborers.)   A clear case […]


How remembering becomes a healing

By Dave Henning / November 17, 2016

“There’s a cupping grace to it — how remembering becomes a healing.  We welcome remembering . . . hold remembering, we let remembering wrap around us and carry us like a dance that need not end.”- Ann Voskamp As Ann Voskamp concludes Chapter 2 of The Broken Way, she observes there are a thousand raw […]

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