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Long and boring

By Dave Henning / February 11, 2016

“Praying through is long and boring, but it is the price you pay for miracles.”- Mark Batterson In Chapter 123 (“Long and Boring”) of The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson states that, in the Bible, few people prayed with more consistency or intensity than Daniel.  Daniel had the ability to pray urgently about things that weren’t […]


Praying through

By Dave Henning / January 30, 2016

“Praying hard is praying through.  And if you pray through, God will come through.  But it will be God’s will, God’s way.”- Mark Batterson Mark Batterson moves on by introducing “The Second Circle- Pray Hard.”  This second circle covers Chapters 8-11 of The Circle Maker.  Pastor Batterson cites the parable of the persistent widow (Luke 18: […]


Praying for versus praying through

By Dave Henning / January 21, 2016

“Our generation desperately needs to rediscover the difference between praying for and praying through.”- Mark Batterson Mark Batterson begins Chapter 4 (“Praying Through”) of The Circle Maker with a discussion of a branch of history called counterfactual theory.  Pastor Batterson notes that counterfactual theorists ask (1) what if questions and (2) what are key footnotes […]

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