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Inward look at problems, solutions

By Dave Henning / September 22, 2021

“When we meditate upon the Lord, we see things from a different perspective.  The things that worry us begin to lose their grip. . . .  Our inward look at problems or situations is replaced by a heavenly view, because we are seated in the heavenly places with Christ Jesus.  Meditation brings us to a […]


Undesirable inclinations – allies or problems

By Dave Henning / August 22, 2018

“As you engage in this (You-Turn) process, you’ll move from seeing your undesirable inclinations as problems to seeing them as allies on your path to peace and wholeness. . . .  This compassionate attitude toward yourself will help you develop what have been called ‘those wise restraints that make [us] free.’ “- Alison Cook and […]


What’s your problem?

By Dave Henning / August 26, 2015

“Having fewer problems is not living.  It’s dying.”- Ichak Adizes Today John Ortberg discusses the fourth way God’s wisdom can lead us to, as well as help us through, open doors we encounter. 4.  What’s your problem?  Pastor Ortberg observes that each of us will be defined by our biggest problem: “Your identity is defined […]

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