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Window of tolerance (WOT)

By Dave Henning / June 7, 2023

“Every person has a range of arousal in which they can feel their feelings or experience something in a way that is tolerable to their bodies.  This range is called the window of tolerance (WOT). . . .  The WOT is such a foundational topic to almost all healing and growth work that I am […]


Attitudinal forgiveness – reconciled

By Dave Henning / March 23, 2023

“[Attitudinal forgiveness and reconciled forgiveness] are not two kinds of forgiveness but two aspects or stages of it.  One could say that the first must always happen, and the second may happen but is not always possible.  Attitudinal forgiveness can occur without reconciliation, but reconciliation cannot happen unless attitudinal forgiveness has already occurred.”- Timothy Keller […]


The resurrection and new creation

By Dave Henning / February 3, 2022

“The resurrection and new creation, then, have a major influence on the Christian’s understanding of how to regard the various forms of decay we see around us in creation now.  One of the ways that nature ‘groans’ under decay is in unjust relationships.  Christians are not to be passive in the face of injustice. . […]


An internal reality – the blessing of God

By Dave Henning / February 7, 2020

“The blessing of God . . .[is] an internal reality — a state of mind, a state of soul.  It’s joy unspeakable . . . . peace that passes understanding.  It’s things you can’t possible put a price tag on.  Are you good with God?  Then you are blessed beyond measure.”- Mark Batterson Mark Batterson […]


Pray for those who mistreat you

By Dave Henning / May 3, 2017

“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, pray for those who mistreat you.”- Luke 6:27-28 “I wasn’t talking to them [the protestors], I was praying for them.”- Ruby Bridges Today, Pastor Kyle Idleman concludes Chapter 6 of Grace Is Greater with the final two steps on the journey of grace. 3.  Pray […]

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