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With Amazon efficiency?

By Dave Henning / January 22, 2024

“God’s way with us is waiting. . . .  No, God does not deliver on his promises with Amazon efficiency.”- Jen Pollack Michel, In Good Time “Come, Thou long-expected Jesus, / Born to set thy people free; / From our fears and sins release us; / Let us find our trust in Thee. / Israel’s […]


Punching your spiritual time card

By Dave Henning / October 11, 2022

“Hope does not grow in isolation.  When we gather and lift each other up, our hope is stoked, our faith-coals are pushed together, igniting new flames. . . .  If you think ‘church’ is about driving to a building or punching your spiritual time card or dressing up and looking the part of a put-together […]


Attempts to fill voids = all sins

By Dave Henning / May 19, 2022

“All sins are attempts to fill voids.  Because we cannot stand the God-shaped hole inside of us, we try stuffing it full of all sorts of things but only God may fill it.”- Simone Weil Sheila Walsh concludes Chapter 5 of Holding On as she talks about two Hebrew words used in the Old Testament […]


This infinite distance between God and God

By Dave Henning / August 17, 2019

“This infinite distance between God and God, this supreme tearing apart, this agony beyond all others, this marvel of love, is the crucifixion.  Nothing can be further from God than that which has been made accursed.”- Simone Weil, Waiting for God “I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse.  Therefore, choose life.”- […]

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