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Hats or hardware?

By Dave Henning / November 4, 2015

Bill Hybels concludes Chapter 8 of Simplify with an illustration from one of his favorite replenishers, sailboat racing. One kind of sailboat-racing event is a regatta.  A regatta usually consists of seven to ten races.  Points are awarded in order of finish in each race.  The crew with the lowest overall score is the winner […]


Appropriately challenged- plus

By Dave Henning / October 14, 2015

Today Bill Hybels discusses the third foundational alignment to filter our former, or any potentially future job, through. 3.  Challenge.  Pastor Hybels observes that operating at the optimal challenge level brings the deepest job satisfaction.  He asks: “At which challenge level do you thrive?  The logical answer would seem to be “appropriately challenged.”  Wrong. When people […]

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