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Dogmatism, truth, skepticism

By Dave Henning / February 15, 2024

“We have an incapacity for proving anything, which no amount of dogmatism can overcome.  We [also] have an idea of truth which no amount of skepticism can overcome.”- Blaise Pascal, Pensee 406 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the […]


The treasure of disillusionment

By Dave Henning / October 20, 2023

“Finding God is the treasure of disillusionment.  There, buried in the night, is a purified relationship with Him that can offer satisfaction to the cynic, solid ground to the skeptic, and life-giving hope to hose drowning in despair.”- Alicia Britt Chole “One might think that God’s immanent presence would be in brightness, but Moses knew […]


Two trip wires

By Dave Henning / June 11, 2015

As Mark Batterson continues Chapter 3 of The Grave Robber, he wants his readers to clearly understand that only God can perform miracles.  God gets all the glory.  Yet, Mark adds that almost every miracle has a human element.  And while some miracles take a single step of faith, others require multiple attempts. Pastor Batterson […]

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