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Combat loneliness – first identify it

By Dave Henning / November 28, 2021

“To combat loneliness, we must first learn to identify it and to have the courage to see that experience as a warning sign.”- Brene Brown, Braving the Wilderness (2014) In Chapter 4 (“The Well-Kept Secret”) of Transforming Loneliness, Ruth Graham cites author and researcher Francie Hart Broghammer.  Francie notes that many factors combine to drive […]


God’s gift – solitude or isolation?

By Dave Henning / November 7, 2018

“Solitude is a gift from God.  Isolation is not — it’s a tool of the Enemy.”- Carey Nieuwhof “Nothing feels quite as strange as people treating you as poorly as you regularly treat them.  It brings out an indignation that only the hypocritical can truly appreciate.”-Carey Nieuwhof In Chapter 5 (“Is Anyone Out There?”) of […]


People need a sense of belonging

By Dave Henning / December 16, 2017

“People need a sense of belonging.  We have an innate desire to be part of something larger than ourselves.  When we are connected to life and each other, we thrive.  When we are disconnected, we die.”- John Ortberg In Chapter 8 (“Something There Is That Doesn’t Love a Wall: Intimacy and Barriers”) of I’d Like […]

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