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The sacred import of commonplace activity

By Dave Henning / December 26, 2020

” . . . a seemingly commonplace activity has sacred import because God [works] in, through, and behind people to serve His creation.  These . . . can effectively be accomplished through anyone – believers or not.  Christians, however, recognize God’s activity through them, rejoice in it, seek to grow in it, and desire God’s […]


Masks of God – people doing God’s work

By Dave Henning / December 25, 2020

“Martin Luther had a curious but helpful way of talking about [God working through sinful, ordinary people].  He described people doing God’s work as His masks — Larvae Dei (masks of God) is the Latin phrase. . . .  We’re His masks, giving the appearance that it’s merely human beings at work.  But remove our […]



By Dave Henning / January 3, 2015

In Chapter 9 (“The Touchstones of Prayer”) of his book Prayer, Timothy Keller writes about twelve touchstones of prayer.  Pastor Keller states we can use those twelve touchstones to “judge the relative strength and weakness of our prayers for honoring and connecting us to God.” The first four touchstones are clustered under the heading “What […]

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