Working to heal

By Dave Henning / May 5, 2012

Bob Merritt (When Life’s Not Working) draws on the prophet Nehemiah to develop 4 key steps to overcoming insurmountable problems:

Step 1:  Fast and pray.  Actually, the very first thing Nehemiah did was sit down and cry.  Grieving is essential in coming to grips with your downsizing or position loss.  As you give voice to your pain, you begin to take the first steps toward recovery.  Bob adds that when you feel hunger pains from fasting, that’s a reminder to pray for your barbed-wire pile.

Step 2:  Be honest about your pile.  Assess the material, emotional and spiritual fallout from your downsizing or position loss so that you know what actions you need to take to move on.

Step 3:  Take ownership of your pile.  By taking ownership rather than placing blame or remaining focused on past hurts, you accept responsibility for improving your life.

Step 4:  Work with God to attack the pile- simply get moving.  Bob quotes Jen, whose police officer husband was hit by a felon driving 110 mph: “Healing is work.  God’s Spirit works healing in us when we work to heal.”

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