Restoring emotional and spiritual health

By Dave Henning / June 10, 2012

In Let It Go Bishop t. D. Jakes describes what is necessary to retore healthy functionality: “The speed with which we recover from our wounds is often directly proportional to our awareness of our flaws and our willingness to move forward and risk again.”

Forgiveness is a key element in restoring our emotional  and spiritual health, which in turn affects our physical well-being.  Forgiveness, Bishop Jakes notes, must be practiced on a regular basis- perhaps every day.  It also is helpful for us to take time to understand why our offender(s) did what they did.  While that doesn’t excuse the offender’s behavior, Bishop Jakes states that it is hard to hate someone you understand.  Even anger can be useful, if  we use it to fuel our recovery rather than imploding from within.

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