Escaping Satan’s emotional traps- Part 2

By Dave Henning / July 9, 2014

Today Mary DeMuth (The Wall Around Your Heart) concludes her discussion of ten ways we joyfully can escape Satan’s relational traps.

6.  Realize you’re not the only one.  Mary states that Satan would like you to believe that you are the only one with your specific problem.  Our individual pain is not unique.  We’re not alone in our suffering.  Mary adds: “God will take the very thing we think will break us and transforms that pain so others won’t feel alone.”

7.  Understand that the world isn’t against you.  When bombarded by adversity, we tend to think catastrophically, not realistically.  At that point, we need to find a quiet place to settle our souls and ask Jesus for encouragement.

8.  Accept that this pain doesn’t last forever.  If we choose to believe the lie that our pain will last forever, our hurt and pain will continue to recycle.  Although the people who hurt us may not change, we have the power (through the Holy Spirit) to change our response if we lean on Jesus.  In doing so we’re defined by the Lord’s redemption, not our failures.

9.  Recognize that it’s never always their fault.  Mary states this is possibly the biggest trap of all.  We must be able to look at ourselves and discern our own faults, or we’ll continue to make the same mistakes again and again.

10.  Trust this trial will enhance your growth story.  God often stretches us beyond our comfort zone so that we may grow stronger and deeper and wider.  God is bigger than our hurt.  He will bring good from our trial, no matter how difficult it is.

Today’s question (from Mary): How has pain defined who you are?  What steps can you take today so you no longer will be defined by the hurt others have caused you?  Please share.

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