Downward mobility

By Dave Henning / December 22, 2016

“Grace is always a movement of downward mobility.”- Ann Voskamp

Concluding Chapter 15 of The Broken Way, Ann Voskamp observes the sun cascading down an old wooden barn ladder next to the dinner table.  She likens grace to the spilling down of that sunlight.  Ann encourages:

“The world changes when we don’t categorize, polarize, or demonize people with broad brushstrokes — but when we apologize, empathize, evangelize, and prioritize people with these quiet brushes of grace.”

As a result, Ann believes, we manifest Christ in the world “to the extent that “you see Christ’s presence in the world (emphasis Ann’s).”  In contrast, we only refuse to manifest Christ to others when we decline to see Christ in each other.

Therefore, it strikes Ann that only light breaking into us makes sight possible.  Furthermore, with this sight the vulnerabilities, prayers, and hopes of the weak and small become ours.  Love bears all things.  For those outside the gate, we are the Esthers who bear whatever it takes (emphasis author’s).

In addition, nothing’s worth having inside the gate as long as pieces of ourselves remain outside the gate.  Leaving people on the other side of the gate necessitates losing parts of ourselves.

In conclusion, Ann emphasizes, our actual fruits define us- not the intentions of our imaginations.  There’s enough abundance and grace available to us so we can risk everything for those in need.  And since God’s abundant grace extends to us, there’s abundant grace for all of us.

The only life worth living = the one you lose.

Today’s question: How does Ann’s description of grace as a movement of downward mobility resonate with you?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Give them pieces of your heart”

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