Listening to God on behalf of another

By Dave Henning / May 27, 2017

“Listening to God on behalf of another may be one of the greatest gifts we can offer each other in the body of Christ.”- John Eldredge

In the Fall section of Walking with God, John Eldredge states a really, really helpful place to begin prayer involves asking God what to pray.  Too many times, John adds, we just jump in and start praying.  However, making prayer speeches to God has little effect.  If we do this for a while, John notes, we’ll get the impression that:

  • prayer doesn’t really work
  • God isn’t in it

But, the author stresses, prayer works and God’s in it- when we pray effectively.  When we pray according to God’s will, He promise to hear us (1 John 5:14-15).  And God answers our prayers.

Sometimes, though, we react in a way that’s way out of proportion to a given situation.  As a result, our overreaction makes it difficult to hear the voice of God.  Yet, it’s an important sign that other factors play into the situation.  Those factors include:

  1. God’s possibly using the situation to surface deeper issues we need to process
  2. Satan’s up to something
  3. Both

Therefore, when helping another human being, we must treat the cause rather than the symptoms.  Most importantly, as you keep an eye out for what’s going on in a hurting person’s heart, use your radar to alert you of Enemy activity.  Satan wants to prevent help from coming.

In conclusion, John cautions, when you intervene on behalf of another, be on guard not to make the same agreements as the person you’re helping.  For you will (emphasis John’s) be tempted to make those same agreements.

As a result, we return to holiness.  Mr. Eldredge provides the reason to pursue holiness.  He writes:

“This gives us a new reason to pursue holiness — we might not always be able to rouse ourselves to fight the battle on our own behalf, but we may find deeper resolve when it comes to loving others.  Don’t give way, don’t surrender.  You are needed.”

Today’s question: When have you had the chance to be listening to God on behalf of others?  Please share.

Tomorrow’s blog: “Called up to the real thing”

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