Satan’s modus operandi- set up shop in unhealed places

By Dave Henning / May 26, 2017

“This is Satan’s modus operandi —  to seize upon our trials, weaknesses, or unhealed places and magnify them and try to set up shop there.”- John Eldredge

Continuing in the Fall section of Walking with God, John Eldredge states that our story of love puts us in such a vulnerable place.  Rather than deal with it or sort through it, we prefer to keep our distance.  Perhaps, John posits, that’s why God needs to sneak up on us.

We’d love it if God simply left us alone to get on with life.  But God, in His loving kindness, says no.  Because we leave ourselves all too vulnerable when we refuse to deal with the deep things of our hearts.

Therefore, that’s all it takes to attract Satan.  As John notes, “demons smell our struggles like sharks smell blood in the water.”  Thus, we live in a dangerous world.  Consequently, God’s so insistent we deal with the unhealed and unholy places in our souls.  He’s acutely aware of our vulnerable state.

As a result, what we need at such times is the truth- objective, everlasting truth about God’s love.  So, we must turn to the Scriptures.  However, Mr. Eldredge observes, at times we don’t accept the truth of the Scriptures because that truth doesn’t align with what we’re feeling at the moment.  John describes this as an arrogant posture- letting our immediate state of mind judge whether or not Scripture rings true for us.

Rather, our starting point must be the truth of God’s Word.  We need to embrace it and stake our all on it.  Then, we’ll experience Scripture’s truthfulness.  Sometimes immediately.  Sometimes down the road.

Today’s question: What Bible verses block Satan’s modus operandi from setting up shop in your heart?  Please share.

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